DLM-1 Dante Line / Mic Input Module

Dante Line / Mic Input Module


The DLM-1 Series is a range of remote mic/line input modules for use in a Dante-compatible network audio system. A DLM-1 module allows a microphone and/or a stereo music (or other line level) source to be connected at a remote location. The music input is mixed with the mic signal and the resulting output appears as a mono Dante channel at a standard RJ45 Ethernet port. Typically, the Dante channel will then be routed via the Dante network to the audio system (a Dante-equipped amplifier or mixer) feeding the speakers in the area where the module is fitted. Selectable mic-over-music priority is provided.
The DLM-1 can be used in any Dante network, or Dante-compatible network. This includes the Cloud CA Series and CV Series of advanced multichannel power amplifiers when they are fitted with a CDI-CA or CDI-CV Dante interface card.


• Remote mic/line input module, for use with all Dante-compatible networks
• AES67 compliant for interoperability with alternative (non-Dante) networks
• Easy connection to network via RJ45 and standard Cat 5 cable
• Powered via PoE – no local PSU required
• Network speed and activity LEDs (on RJ45)
• Balanced mic input (XLR) with level control
• Stereo, unbalanced line level input (phonos/RCA), with independent level control
• Alternative line input on 3-pole 3.5 mm jack socket
• Active mixing of mic and line signals
• Selectable mic-over-music priority
• Selectable hi-pass filter on mic input to reduce handling noise, etc.
• Multiple DLM-1s in the same Zone may be linked using Dante Controller

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