CAM-16 Headphone Distribution System

Headphone Distribution System


The CAM16 is a headphone-level distribution processor primarily designed to provide headphone monitoring of up to eight stereo sound sources plus a single mic or line paging source. The CAM16 has eight stereo line inputs and a balanced “global” priority input.

The CAM16 provides individual choice at the users fingertips. Whether multi-language in a lecture theatre or classroom, museum exhibits, multi-screen TV monitoring, CV exercise, adding a tan or patiently waiting in a surgery, the CAM16 is designed to provide multiple users selectable source and volume with a Page All option

A total of 16 remotely located RH-8 or WP-8 remote control units can be wired to the CAM16 for headphone level output, rotary source selection and volume control. The WP-8 however is a dedicated wall-mounting version of the RH-8 with the provision to connect to Active Speakers

When combined with CAS16 the system has a total capacity of 256 outputs.

  • 8 Stereo Line Inputs
  • 16 Outputs
  • Global Input for Microphone with Priority
  • RJ45 connection for 16x RH-8 controls
  • Dedicated Wall Mounted Remote for Headphone or Speaker Output (WP8)

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