You may have heard about the Fire that devastated AKM’s factory in Nobeoka City, Japan.

AKM manufacture ADC & DAC semiconductor that are used in our NEW 24 Series Mixer Amps as well as our brand new CDI-CA Series Dante option cards (options for CA Amplifiers). The factory will not be able to fulfil orders throughout 2021. The shortage in chips is a substantial challenge for bothe the audio and video industrys. Cloud’s in-house R&D department reacted to this news with foresight and set about providing a solution to the immediate halt in chip production. Unwilling to sacrifice on quality, Cloud knew we would have to test numerous alternatives before we could decide on a chip that would achieve our high standards of 'Clearly Better Sound'.

After testing and evaluating their options, Cloud decided to use semiconductors by ESS Technology, known to many as a manufacturer of high end audiophile quality products. This will ensure that there is no impact on our audio quality and as little impact as possible on production.

Alongside the disruption to supplies caused worldwide by the Coronavirus Pandemic it has been anything but a normal start to the decade. Cloud have taken these challenges head on, unwilling to sacrifice their audio quality they are committed to delivering audio equipment as quick as current restrictions allow for. 

If you have a question regarding our products or their current lead times then please get in touch:
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