A multi-national manufacturer of hygiene solutions, Rockline‘s factory in Redditch UK, has been extremely busy through 2020 providing anti-bacterial wipes and other products for many large brands and retailers as a response to increased demand due to COVID-19.  As a thank you to its large workforce, Rockline elected to have a background music system installed throughout its many packing halls and other areas, to help boost morale and productivity.

Due to the scale of the premises, a 100v Line System was proposed, initially comprising around 50 speakers.  However, several revisions later, on final installation 70 speakers were required across four zones, powered by 24 amplifier channels.

Event Production Services were on site for just over two weeks to complete the project, with all areas working first time on test and commission.  

Two analogue microphone signals into the Cloud Z4 Zoner from the Dante Audio-over-IP streams. A network switch allowed for all devices to be connected, with the set up of a VLAN providing technician access to the Cloud amplifier settings.

Speakers were a mix of in-ceiling subwoofers and full range, as well as pendant full range speakers.  The CS-SSUB8 speakers were modified to provide a pendant subwoofer to work alongside the 4″ and 6″ pendant speakers used extensively in the packing halls.

A comprehensive drawing pack was supplied to the customer, along with an Operations and Maintenance Manual.