Z8ii 8 Zone Mixer

8 Zone Mixer


The Z8ii offers direct connection of up to six music sources, two microphones and a paging mic, all of which can be selected to operate in up to eight different output zones, in any combination.

The Z8ii offers the complete solution for multi-zone, multi functional venues. With the ability to accept an array of input sources such as CD, Video, Satellite etc., the Z8ii is an ideal choice. It has been developed specifically to meet these needs and can act as a user friendly master control for the entire sound system. Connecting the LM-1or DM-1 active modules extends the versatility of the units allowing designers to provide simple, cost effective solutions to many customers' requirements that are difficult to achieve with other manufacturers' products.

  • 8 zone mono mixer
  • PM paging mic with chime available
  • Easy operation
  • 6 line inputs with preset gain controls
  • Line 6 priority (can be selected on a zone by zone basis)
  • Facility input on all zones
  • 2 mic inputs with volume controls on front panel
  • Separate EQ for mic and music
  • Music level and source selection (with RSL6)

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