MPA120 120W Mixer Amplifier

120W Mixer Amplifier


The increase in demand for higher quality mixed impedance output amplifiers for general installer applications along with the request for a more reliable "boiler-plate" solution instigated the launch of the MPA Series Installer Mixer Amplifiers. 6 line + 4 microphone inputs into a single zone with configurable 25v, 70v or 100V internal transformer plus the industry standard wall mount remote controllers (RL1 & RSL6) makes the MPA Series the most flexible and reliable installer amps in the market.

In Nov 2015 Cloud make improvements to this long stand design by enhancing the following features:

NEW MIC1 can be configured as a Transformer Isolated TELEPHONE input (using internal jumpers);

NEW Balanced AUX Output (0dBu Line level) added;

NEW MOH Output added, with 600 Ohm Transformer Isolation;

NEW Utility Output added (Line level / 0dBu);

The NEW MOH/Utility Output Pair has a LINE LEVEL and MIC LEVEL control on the back;

  • 6 line inputs, stereo inputs summed to mono
  • Line inputs via RCA phonos with input gain controls adjacent to connectors
  • NEW MOH/Utillity output
  • NEW Balanced AUX output
  • Source select via front panel rotary selector or remote via RSL6
  • Line input level via front panel control or remotely via RL1 or RSL6
  • Line 6 priority selectable by internal jumper, release time 3s/6s/12s selectable by internal jumper
  • Music EQ by tamperproof LF and HF presets on rear panel
  • 4 Mic inputs, low impedance balanced via phoenix style connectors
  • Microphone EQ by tamperpoof LF and HF presets on rear panel
  • 100Hz High Pass dedicated filter on Mic inputs
  • Phantom power selected by internal jumper for each microphone
  • Limiter dedicated to microphone inputs
  • Mic 1 has access triggered priority over Mics 2-4
  • All Mics have VOX priority over music signals, providing 30dB of attenuation
  • Integrated chime triggered by access control of Mic 1
  • Compatible with Bose EQ Series IIS EQ Cards
  • Remote Music Mute configurable for NO or NC operation
  • Overall "Peak Limiter" with LED indication on front panel

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