We are very pleased to announce that the new Cloud CXL-1600 Transformer Rack Tray, the new Cloud CXL-400T 100V 400W Transformer and the new Cloud CXL-200T 100V 200W Transfomrer for the VTX-Amplifier Series are now all shipping with immediate effect.

The Cloud CXL-1600T Transformer Rack Tray is a heavy duty steel 19" housing with removable top cover to allow up to 8 x CXL-40T/CXL100-T toroidal transformers or up to 4 x CXL-400T / CXL-200T toroidal transformers to be housed. 

Both the CXL-400T and CXL-200T 100V toroidal transformers are recent additions to the the Cloud Electronics range of high-quality 100V transformers.