Enado Announces Integration with Cloud Electronics Professional Audio Equipment, Enhancing Control and Customization for Installers and Clients

Enado, a leading provider of commercial control and automation solutions, is excited to announce the integration of its Enado Control System with Cloud Electronics range of professional audio equipment. This collaboration will enable installers to seamlessly control audio systems over IP or RS232 and provide clients with a simple, customized user interface (UI) for their audio setup. 

The integration of Enado Control System with Cloud Electronics products, including the DCM1E, the 24-120 2-zone mixer and amplifier, and the CV4250 Class D amplifier, will offer advanced control capabilities and features, such as: 

QR Code UI Access- Installers can offer clients quick and easy access to bespoke modes and scenes via their own devices (BYOD) using a simple QR code. This feature allows clients to control zone-based switching and adjust settings with ease. 

Customized UI InterfaceEnado Control System's intuitive interface can be tailored to the unique requirements of each client, providing a user-friendly experience for controlling their Cloud Electronics audio equipment. 

Advanced EQ MappingThe integration facilitates advanced equalization (EQ) mapping, allowing users to easily change the basis of sound within a venue to suit various events and preferences. 

Remote Control and MonitoringInstallers can now manage and monitor Cloud Electronics audio systems remotely over IP or RS232, streamlining their work and improving overall system performance.