The Research and Development team at Cloud HQ has been very busy in recent weeks developing a number of new Cloud products for release including the DCM-1 Utility Tool, a new set up and back up tool for the DCM-1 Digitally Controlled Mixer.
Once loaded onto a PC, a very simple user-interface within the DCM-1 Utility Tool allows labelling of all inputs to the DCM-1 Digitally Controlled Mixer i.e. CD Player, Satellite TV, MP3 Player and the labelling of all zone outputs i.e. Reception, Piano Bar, Pool Area etc. It also allows complete configuration of inputs, microphone priorities, system and paging mic priority set up and Installer Key (password) changes. Using the intuitive front panel control of the DCM-1 or using the new DCM-1 Utility Tool allows quick and easy set up of the Cloud DCM-1 Digitally Controlled Mixer.
DCM-1 Utility Tool - Back Up Option
For integrators and contractors using the Cloud DCM-1 in a number of locations, for example in hotel chains, typically the configuration of the DCM-1 may be the same or very similar across a number of different locations. The DCM-1 Utility tool allows a complete back up of a configuration to be made and utilised across any number of sites.The back up can also be used to save time on any subsequent service visits to sites where re-installation or set up is required.
 Cloud DCM-1 Downloads
It is recommended the firmware in the Cloud DCM-1 is upgraded to V1.05 prior to using the DCM-1 Utility Tool. The DCM-1 firmware upgrade along with a 'How to Guide' can be downloaded from the Cloud website along with the DCM-1 Utility Tool. 
Further Information can be found on the Cloud DCM-1 Digitally Controlled Mixer Product Page.