EnergyStar - EnergyStar is the only globally recognised standard for Energy Efficiency, so any product carrying this mark has been tested and certified to its appropriate standard.

- In the case of the CV Series of 100v Digital Install Amplifiers that standard is consuming less than 2Watts in Idle State, making the CV Amplifiers the most energy efficient in their class.

Powershare - Powersharing has many different names from different manufactures but the principle is the same. The CA & CV Series amplifiers have the ability to distribute or share Output Power across channels depending on the demands from the speaker line. No configuration is required, the magic happens automatically.

Dante - is the global recognised standard for distributed audio across network with guaranteed quality of service. The CV & CA Series of Amplifiers offer a family of option cards for network Dante integration.

DSP - A full suite of user configurable DSP functionality is on-board the CV-Digital series, which includes input routing, multi-band parametric room and speaker optimisation EQ, level control and limiting, and assignable delay. Amplifiers can be easily set up for multi-channel or parallel channel operation and bi-amping, with full control of crossover parameters.