CX132 Zone Mixer

Zone Mixer


Primarily designed to satisfy the needs of leisure venues and retail outlets, the Cloud CX132 provides 3 stereo line level inputs plus a balanced microphone input which can be independently selected to operate in the 2 stereo zone outputs. With the optional VCA module fitted, the music level can be controlled remotely with one control plate for stereo operation or 2 independent controls when the mono mode is selected and the front panel music level controls can be defeated if required. This flexibility is provided in a compact format which, once installed, is extremely simple and convenient to operate.

 The CX132 offers priorities for the microphone and automated messaging equipment or juke box as well as adjustable EQ for the mic signal and separate music EQ in each of the 2 zones. Because the CX132's advanced circuitry uses only the highest quality components, it offers outstanding sound quality, fully the equal of the best source material. Best of all, because it is built and tested to the same rigorous standards that have made the Cloud CXM modular mixer the world's finest, the CX132 comes with reliability and long life built in.

 The CX132 offers the option of remote music mute, built in and ready to interface with a fire alarm system. Once, the provision of such a large number of facilities and options would have resulted in a system which was dauntingly complex.

Discontinued 1999


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