ME-1W &ME-1B Microphone Input Module for DCM-1 / DCM-1e

Microphone Input Module for DCM-1 / DCM-1e

ME-1W & ME-1B

The ME-1 Microphone Input Module provides a single balanced microphone input for the DCM1/DCM1e Digital Controlled Zone Mixer, offering adjustable microphone level and adjustable EQ. Available in Black or White Finish.

The ME-1 connects to one of four dedicated ME-1 RJ45 input ports on a Cloud DCM1/DCM1e via a single screened Cat-5 cable. Up to four ME-1 Microphone Input Modules can be daisy chained together per input port on a Cloud DCM1/DCM1e.

For IP Rated Weatherproof/Outdoor Fixings See:

  • ME-1W (White) & ME-1B (Black)

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