Bright in Norway

Bright in Norway

Since appointment as distributor for Cloud products for Norway in 2013, Bright Norway AS, is witnessing a steady increase in the number of projects using Cloud DCM-1 and DCM-1e digital zone mixers in mid-scale solutions for commercial audio systems.

Bright Norway AS, has offices in Oslo, Bergen and Lillehammer, employs more than four hundred members of staff, spread across the Nordic regions and provides turnkey project solution services to clients operating in theatres, education, hotels, sport venues, transportation and concert halls.

With more than thirty years experience in the integrations and live markets, it is fair to say, Bright Norway AS provides clients with excellent knowledge and experience across its teams of technical and engineering personnel.

“We’ve used the Cloud DCM-1 and DCM-1e in a number of projects including the Quality Airport Hotel at Stavanger Airport, in Rogaland, Norway, a modern conference hotel with 18 conference rooms for up to 950 delegates”, commented Bjørn Henning Stinterud , Bright Norway AS.

“We like localised input plates (Cloud LE-1) which we can position in zones (meeting rooms) that require them, along with localised volume/source control units (Cloud CD-1). Using the grouping functionality of the DCM1 we can link input plates with output zones and direct audio, either from the head unit or local inputs, really easily and exactly where we need to”, comments Bjørn Henning Stinterud.

Cloud’s DCM1 digital zone mixer is a hybrid analogue eight zone mixer using digital control interfaces to provide centralised or remote source selection and volume control of up to eight line inputs. It is available in with ethernet control (DCM1e) or without (DCM1).

In a number of projects, Bright Norway’s engineering teams opted to use the ethernet version of Cloud’s zone-mixer, the DCM-1e. Connecting a DCM1e’s ethernet control point to a network / router allows localised device control via any web browser.

“Hotel operators ask us to provide secure device control, something staff can become familiar with and find easy to operate. The DCM1e allows us to create secure User, Advanced User and Engineer logins, which hotel staff access via portable devices or installed computers. Opening a web-browser presents them with veryuser-friendly control interfaces”, Bjørn Henning Stinterud.

“An iPad control solution has also proved very popular with the Quality Hotel in Sandnes and the Clarion Collection Hotel, Lillehammer, located in the centre of Lillehammer, a world-famous skiing resort used for the Winter Olympics in 1994”, states Bjørn Henning Stinterud.

“We often connect the audio outputs from a DCM1 to a number of Cloud multi-channel amplifiers, including the 2-channel (CXV225) and 4-channel (CXV425) high impedance models. We have successfully deployed them in other hotel projects too, including the Thief Hotel & Spa and the Comfort Hotel, both in Oslo, as well as providing a Cloud solution at Oslo Central Station East, the main railway station in Oslo and the largest railway station within the entire Norwegian railway system”. adds Bjørn Henning Stinterud.

“We are very happy with the reliability and ease of use offered by Cloud products, which makes them a very easy choice when we are designing our systems, concludes Bjørn Henning Stinterud.

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