Volstead, London, UK

Volstead, London, UK

With its unmarked door, No. 9, Swallow Street isn't the easiest location to find. But Uma Thurman, Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson had no difficulty making their way there, the first Wednesday Volstead was open.

Named after the author of the Volstead Act 1919 (Minnesota senator Andrew Volstead), which heralded the arrival of Prohibition, Volstead is a private members club with a wonderful sense of irony, which sets out to recapture the great flapper era of the 1920's.

Music remains an important ingredient. Under the inspiringly-designed mirroflex ceiling (and adjacent mural), Colin Pattenden's CP Sound have delivered an elegant solution, with the sound system divided into seven zones accessed by the classic Cloud Z8MKll mutizone mixer...

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