Trinity College, Cambridge, UK

Trinity College, Cambridge, UK

RG Jones Sound Engineering has equipped the historic chapel at Cambridge's Trinity College, with its first sound reinforcement system, the design for which is based around a multi zone speaker system and for this RG Jones specified Cloud CX-A850 amplifiers.

In combination with the CXL800 rack module to house the CXL40T 100v line transformers, the low impedance CX-A850 amplifiers were used to power the 100v line speaker system. The chapel system included seven fixed lectern mic positions and a DSP system with remote control via a portable tablet PC.

RG Jones' project manager, Jeff Woodford, and installation manager, Jon Berry were tasked with implementing a design in a listed building under English Heritage restrictions, that called for the loudspeakers to be set discreetly on the shelving under the pews and the transformer distribution boxes to be similarly concealed. The low noise fans in the CX-A850s helped keep equipment rack sound levels down and the multi channel format in a 2U package also kept rack space to a minimum.

Trinity College was originally founded by Henry VIII in 1546 as part of the University of Cambridge. The chapel, with its notable clock tower, sits at the far end of the Great Court and was begun by Mary I in 1554 in memory of her father, Henry VIII. The ante-chapel contains statues of many famous Trinity men, including Roubillac's sculpture of Isaac Newton, while the chapel itself contains a Metzler organ - one of only two instruments by this respected maker in Great Britain. It is contained within the restored late 17th-century case built by England's most famous organ builder, 'Father' Smith.

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