Morgans Boutique Hotels, London, UK

Morgans Boutique Hotels, London, UK

Two of the flagship hotels in Morgans Hotel Group's luxury international portfolio are the London-based St. Martin's Lane Hotel and Sanderson Hotels.

Both hotels - where the design 'extends the hotel as theatre' concept - needed to upgrade their background music systems, to match the opulence of the foyers and coveted leisure hospitality areas.

The Sanderson architecture is based on six distinct areas - with a Cloud Z8MKll eight zoning mixer directing sound sources to the Long Bar, Terrace, Spoon Restaurant, Lobby, Lifts & Toilets and Purple Bar; these all derive their own feeds from two dual zone HD players. Cloud RSL6 Remote source select and volume control panels are utilised for staff operation behind the main reception desk and specific counter locations.

A further three Cloud RSL-6 panels, fitted under the Spoon Restaurant's counter, allowing the staff music source and volume control of its three separate zones.

Over at St. Martin's Lane Hotel a pair of two-zone HD players are routed via a Cloud Z8MKll zoner; music is relayed to the Lobby, Toilets and Lifts, again aided by local RSL-6 panels.

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