Sports & Fitness

Personal Audio Distribution System (APP NO.020)

The CAM16 has 16 discrete remote headphone outputs from 8 inputs and vol control. The Mic page enables priority announcements across all. Upto 16 CAS16 ext. units can provide 256 additional headphone outputs. Used in Airport Lounge, Control Centre or wired simultaneous translation.

Products: PM1 , CAM16


College Sports Field (APP NO.023)

4-Zone 100V/70V Line paging and music playback system with automated spot announcer for pre-recorded messages and Local Zone inputs, ideal for on field commentary and entertainment.

6 Zone Fitness Club (APP NO. 024)

Mixed low-impedance and 100V/70V audio system. Local zone mic/line inputs for Music and Radio Microphones in both the Aerobic and Spin Studios.

Fitness Studio (APP NO.025)

Wireless microphone and auxiliary music input to active loudspeakers. RSL-6AB provides simple user control of level and source and additional provision for house music and paging for general use.

Products: CX261


Club House (APP NO. 033)

8 Zone Club House music system with paging and media playback. Each zone has local volume and source control, in addition to local inputs in the Yoga Studio and Exercise Area.

Products: CXA850, PM8, Z8MK3


Yoga Studio (APP NO.034)

Audio system for two individual studios, each with local microphone and music input in addition to volume control. Expand the system to up to 4 studios with an additional VTX4120 or use zones 3 & 4 for a juice bar and foyer.

Products: VTX4120, Z4MK3


120 Zone Shower Room Facility (APP NO.041)

This installation required individual source selection and volume in each shower room with 8 inputs and a Voice Page + Message Page Overide.

Products: CXA850, CAS16, CAM16