Supermarket with Message Paging (APP NO.026)

With Automated Cashier Paging. Remote trigger messages from external switches. Movement sensors and security points. Cashier call messages and voice paging capabilities – enabling multitasking staff function.

Remote Service Desk using Message Paging (APP NO.028)

Customer required a Remote Service Desk to have a Wireless Service Call Push-Button facility. The remote Call Button triggers a message via a simple Wireless Interface then pages to the pre-set Message/Zones saved by the PM-SA.The Customer Service Paging Mic has Priority over Cashiers 1-7

Products: VTX4120, DCM1e


Large Retail Store - Single Zone (APP NO.005)

THE MPA240 is a powerful and flexible integrated audio solution providing inputs for Music, TV Audio and paging. The RSL-6AW provides remote volume and source control. The user may choose between 100V/70V line output or Low-impedance

Products: MPA240, PM1


2 Zone Store (APP NO.006)

100V/70V Line audio system for background music with paging facility and zone-dedicated remote volume control.

Products: CX163, CXA450, PM4


2-Zone Store with Zone Message Announcer (APP NO.007)

A 100V/70V Line audio system for background music with advanced paging facility including automated spot announcer and zone-dedicated remote volume control.

Department Store (APP NO.008)

100V/70V Line audio system for background music, dual paging microphones, automated spot announcer and PBX interface.

Retail Store with Digital Signage (APP NO.32)

100V/70V line audio system with paging and a dedicated input for digital signage audio in addition to background music and a DJ input for events. Each of the 3 output zones has local source /level control using the RSL-6 wall plate.

Products: CX263, CXA450, PM4


Car Showroom (APP NO.036)

Comprehensive 6-Zone Distributed Audio Solution across the whole car dealership. Localised audio control was required for the marketing digital signage along with full estate Paging and Messaging.

PM-SA Message Paging (APP NO.042)

Message Paging when the Existing House Amplifier does not have a Page Access Interface.

Small Retail Store (APP NO.004)

The MA60 offers an integrated solution for background music, paging and music-on-hold. The small footprint and simple operation are perfect for Retail Stores, Restaurants and Café's.

Products: MA60, PM1