Arenas, Theatres & Live Sound

Regional Theater (APP NO.018v2.1)

16-Zone 100V/70V Line paging solution including networked digital paging microphones and integrated message announcer. Background music and other audio sources can be added.

Sports Stadium (APP NO.043)

16-Zone Stadium using two Z8MK4 mixers.The system has both high and low impedance amplification provided by the CXV425 and VTX4400 respectively. The system includes a full 16-Zone paging system with multiple paging positions. Inputs are provided for commentary microphones, live music and integration with the video playback system.

Stadium Hospitality Boxes Distributed (APP NO.050)

The MA40T Mini Amplifier provides 40W of amplification into 70/100V constant voltage speaker circuits. Each Hospitality Box is provided with local input and level control whilst also allowing for a priority input from the main 70/100V constant voltage paging or emergency system.

Products: MA40T


Stadium Hospitality Boxes (APP NO.053)

This centralised system provides 8-Zones with individual level and source and inputs including local Mic, Line and Bluetooth audio streaming. Priority paging is possible with the PM series paging microphones.

Products: CXA450, Z8MK4


Bars & Pubs

4-Zone Large Sports Bar (APP NO.010)

A Mixed 100V/70V Line and Low-impedance 4-Zone audio system with local zone source and volume control, plus general paging facility.

2.5 Zone Pub Dinning Application (APP NO.031)

Simple 2.5 Zone Bar-Restaurant Application. The 36-50 Mixer Amplifier allows for Zone 1 to be mirrored as a Utility Output Zone (Zone 3) with 50w output per zone.  

Products: 36-50


The Hardypick (APP NO.088)

The Hardypick is a traditional community public house/restaurant that’s part of the Hungry Horse Brand owned by the Greene King Group. They required a 4 Zone Paging System but with Zone 1 to have flexibility to be a Foreground PA Space during specialist live sporting events. They also wanted a Global IPAD controller for the various General Managers. The 46-120 also allowed the installer the flexibility to increase the power output for Zone 1 by using the AUX Output option plus the LM-2 Input plate for DJ’s, Live Bands, Quiz Nights & Karaoke. 

Small Sports Bar (APP NO.009)

2-Zone music and paging system audio system comprising 2 sets of low-impedance loudspeakers with passive subwoofers. Remote source and volume select per zone.

Products: VTX4240, CX263, PM4



One More Zone (APP NO.052)

There are often circumstances where a client requires an additional zone to be added to a pre-existing system, such as after renovations or for temporary usage.  The MA40F & MA40T provide a solution to tap off any 70/100V Line speaker circuit and add additional functionality such as local inputs and control.

Products: MA40T



High School Gymnasium (APP NO.037)

Multi-Zone audio system for music, teaching and events. The addition of the ME-1A, LE-1A and BE-1A provides flexibility for expansion as required. Each of the three zones can be optimized with level and source selection per zone. For safety an external fire alarm and paging relay can be connected to mute all audio in the event of an announcement or emergency. An output to the assistive listening system is provided for those with impaired hearing.

Products: CXV425, DCM1e


DCM1e with Audio Streaming (APP NO.040)

This system provides a simple solution for streaming audio from multiple media servers to any paging zone using a standard IT network. Paging is provided by a PM8 paging microphone which maintains priority over other signals.

School Airnasium (APP NO.056)

Airnasiums, designed for basketball, street hockey or almost any sport or game are outdoor spaces, usually with overhead coverings, perfect for free play, tournaments or use as activity or meeting spaces. The BT-1 Bluetooth Wall Plate allows for audio playback from local devices whilst the FPA-1 allows direct connection of the BT-1 to any analogue input.

Products: MPA120


Medical Centre

Medical Centre (APP NO.019)

100V/70V Line audio system with Paging facility, background audio input and Patient Call input.

Products: CXA850, PM8, Z8MK3


Dentist Surgery (APP NO.039)

Complete audio system for background music and paging to any of seven treatment rooms and communal areas. Each Treatment room has an individual audio input and level control.


Hotel Spa (APP NO.030)

The Hotel Spa utilises the CAM16 Audio Distribution System in addition to the CAS16 Sub-Station to provide up to 8 individual audio sources and remote source/level control via the WP-8. The system design allows the combination of both headphones and local loudspeakers, each with local control.

Products: CXA450, CAS16, CAM16


5-Zone Hotel/Suites (APP NO.003a)

Low-impedance audio system. Using 5 Zones of CXA6 for Low Level BGM Audio. 5 Seperate Zones/Suites have Local zone mic/line input for Corporate Presentations, Wedding Receptions and other Events. 

Products: CXA6, Z8MK3


8 Zone Club Hotel (APP NO.060)

7 Zone Spaces + Ball Room using AUX 1 Output mirroring Zone 1. The Ball Room is an Active System. Zones 1-4 are sharing 500W + Zones 5-8 are sharing 500W of 70/100v  Power. Ethernet is connected to the local router for Web Browser install config and GUI control

Products: CV8125


Houses of Worship

Small H.O.W (APP NO.011)

Call to Prayers - a 2-zone low impedeance audio system with dual microphone inputs and an automated Call to Prayer Messager.

H.O.W. (APP NO.011a)

A multi-zone low impedance audio system with three microphone inputs including automated Spot Announcer.

Industrial & Security

Building Management with Message Announcement

The PM4/8-SA Muti-Zone Paging Microphones with MP3 Message Announcer can be used in conjunction with an external trigger device such as a timer or building management system - this enables fully automatic announcement of security, management or sponsorship messages.

Industrial Security Announcement (APP NO.022)

The PM4/8-SA Multi-Zone Paging Microphones with built-in MP3 Message Announcer can be used in conjunction with an external trigger device such as a Infrared motion sensor (PIR)- this enables fully automatic announcement of customised security announcements and chimes.

Licensed Retail


3-Zone Resturant (APP NO.001)

A 100V/70V Line audio system with TV and Music inputs and a paging facility. Local control is provided by RSL-6A; an additional zone-local microphone input is provided in the Private Dining area.

Products: CX163, CXA450, PM4


4-Zone Restaurant (APP NO.002)

A 100V/70V Line audio system with TV and Music inputs and paging facility. Local control is provided by RSL-6A; an additional zone-local LM-2A provides flexible mic/line inputs and control for Private Dining, Presentation and Corporate Hospitality use.

8-Zone Restaurant (APP NO.003)

Mixed low-impedance and 100V/70V Line audio system. Local zone mic/line inputs in Private Dining and Bar areas. Receptionist paging facility.

Cafe, Private Hire Space (APP NO.051)

The MA40F Mini Amplifier provides a perfect solution for multi-use spaces. Combined with the LM-2 Input and control plate and BT-1 Bluetooth streaming plate users can connect any device both wired and wireless and a microphone. This solution is simple, reliable and compact whilst providing great usability and sound.

Products: MA40F



Remote Service Desk using Message Paging (APP NO.028)

Customer required a Remote Service Desk to have a Wireless Service Call Push-Button facility. The remote Call Button triggers a message via a simple Wireless Interface then pages to the pre-set Message/Zones saved by the PM-SA.The Customer Service Paging Mic has Priority over Cashiers 1-7

Products: VTX4120, DCM1e


Large Retail Store - Single Zone (APP NO.005)

THE MPA240 is a powerful and flexible integrated audio solution providing inputs for Music, TV Audio and paging. The RSL-6AW provides remote volume and source control. The user may choose between 100V/70V line output or Low-impedance

Products: MPA240, PM1


2 Zone Store (APP NO.006)

100V/70V Line audio system for background music with paging facility and zone-dedicated remote volume control.

Products: CX163, CXA450, PM4


2-Zone Store with Zone Message Announcer (APP NO.007)

A 100V/70V Line audio system for background music with advanced paging facility including automated spot announcer and zone-dedicated remote volume control.

Department Store (APP NO.008)

100V/70V Line audio system for background music, dual paging microphones, automated spot announcer and PBX interface.

Supermarket with Message Paging (APP NO.026)

With Automated Cashier Paging. Remote trigger messages from external switches. Movement sensors and security points. Cashier call messages and voice paging capabilities – enabling multitasking staff function.

Retail Store with Digital Signage (APP NO.032)

100V/70V line audio system with paging and a dedicated input for digital signage audio in addition to background music and a DJ input for events. Each of the 3 output zones has local source /level control using the RSL-6 wall plate.

Products: CX263, CXA450, PM4


Car Showroom (APP NO.036)

Comprehensive 6-Zone Distributed Audio Solution across the whole car dealership. Localised audio control was required for the marketing digital signage along with full estate Paging and Messaging.

PM-SA Message Paging (APP NO.042)

Message Paging when the Existing House Amplifier does not have a Page Access Interface.

36 Zone MultiFloor Shopping Mall (APP NO.061)

36 Zone MultiFloor Shopping Mall using Aux 1 & Aux 2 Outputs to route the teo audio sources across 4 amps. All 36 Zones have upto 125W @ 100v or power shared up to 500W across each 4Chs. Extensive DSP is used to balance the various different zones and complexed spaces. Ethernet is connect to the local router for Web Browser install config and GUI control.  

Products: CV8125


Small Retail Store (APP NO.004)

The MA60 offers an integrated solution for background music, paging and music-on-hold. The small footprint and simple operation are perfect for Retail Stores, Restaurants and Café's.

Products: MA60, PM1


Sports & Fitness

Personal Audio Distribution System (APP NO.020)

The CAM16 has 16 discrete remote headphone outputs from 8 inputs and vol control. The Mic page enables priority announcements across all. Upto 16 CAS16 ext. units can provide 256 additional headphone outputs. Used in Airport Lounge, Control Centre or wired simultaneous translation.

Products: PM1 , CAM16


6 Zone Fitness Club (APP NO.024)

Mixed low-impedance and 100V/70V audio system. Local zone mic/line inputs for Music and Radio Microphones in both the Aerobic and Spin Studios.

Fitness Studio (APP NO.025)

Wireless microphone and auxiliary music input to active loudspeakers. RSL-6AB provides simple user control of level and source and additional provision for house music and paging for general use.

Products: CX261


Club House (APP NO.033)

8 Zone Club House music system with paging and media playback. Each zone has local volume and source control, in addition to local inputs in the Yoga Studio and Exercise Area.

Products: CXA850, PM8, Z8MK3


Yoga Studio (APP NO.034)

Audio system for two individual studios, each with local microphone and music input in addition to volume control. Expand the system to up to 4 studios with an additional VTX4120 or use zones 3 & 4 for a juice bar and foyer.

Products: VTX4120, Z4MK3


120 Zone Shower Room Facility (APP NO.041)

This installation required individual source selection and volume in each shower room with 8 inputs and a Voice Page + Message Page Overide.

Products: CXA850, CAS16, CAM16


Cruise Ships

8-Zone Cruise Ship (APP NO.014)

Powerful and flexible 100V/70V line audio system with paging, LM-2A active remote input plates provide zone-input mixing of Mic & Line level. Perfect for multi-purpose deck space or any mutifunction application.

Products: CXV425, PM8, Z8MK3



Crèche / TV Room: Ferry / Cruise / Hotel (APP NO.044)

MA40F: Local amplification with function panel input. Ideal for adding dedicated Low-Z speakers to a TV or similar. The addition of a 100V line input allows for the integration into an existing 100V paging system, including paging priority.

Products: MA40F


Tour Guide System: Bus / Tram / River Cruise (APP NO.045)

Compact audio system operating on a 12-24V DC power supply ideally suited for installation into tour guiding vehicles. The function panel input provides remote mic input with dedicated level control whilst the two line inputs can be use for Video and music player sources. The MA40 provides 40W Low-Z speaker output, which in this example are connected in series/parallel configuration to achieve maximum coverage.


Presentation Room (APP NO.012)

Complete presentation audio solution with provision for ceiling speakers and dedicated stereo presentation audio speakers. Facility for 4 microphones, presentation and auxiliary audio input and dedicated control for both music and microphones.

Products: VTX4120, CX462


Control Room (APP NO.029)

Control Room operators require access to multiple video and audio distribution system allows 8 independent stereo audio feeds to be distributed to up to 16 operators. Each operator has individual source and volume control.  

Products: CAS16, CAM16


Digital Signage: Audio MA40 Mini Amplifier (APP NO.047)

The MA40 is a complete audio amplification and management solution in a compact form factor. It is ideally suited to local audio reinforcement in digital signage applications, providing both mic and line level inputs and priority control. 

Products: MA40T


100V Line Extension MA40T 100V/70V Mini Amplifier (APP NO.048)

The MA40T Mini Amplifier provides 40W of amplification into 100V/70V/25V constant voltage speaker circuits. The high impedance input allows for the connection of an existing 100V/70V speaker circuit allowing the user to add additional zones to an existing constant voltage audio system.

Products: MA40T


Huddle Space (APP NO.049)

The MA40E Mini Amplifier provides a compact solution for huddle space audio reinforcement. Combined with the LM-2 Remote Input/control plate and BT-1 Bluetooth streaming plate. Ethernet control allows integration into complex AV and VC systems.

Products: MA40F


Training Centre (APP NO.055)

The BT-1 adds Bluetooth Audio Streaming capabilities to the DCM1 series of digitally controlled mixers, this further expands compatibility for BYOD users for teacher and student use. Users can control the system using the CDR-1 digital control plate or a standard web browser over IP.

Products: VTX4120, DCM1e



Bowling Alley (APP NO.015)

Mixed 100V/70V Line and Active audio system for background and foreground music and 3-zone paging with automated spot announcer. Auxiliary inputs provide flexibility for connecting a live band or DJ to the house system.

Products: CX263, CXV425, PM8


8 Zone Casino (APP NO.016)

8-Zone low-impedance paging and background music system, with automated spot announcer and local mic and line inputs for Banquet Rm.

Themed Attraction (APP NO.017)

8-Zone playback and paging system for Themed Attraction or Ride. Using Infrared or Contact Closure triggers, the PM8-SA enables user programable automated messaging to discrete zones as well as continuous audio playback.

Products: VTX4120, PM8, Z8MK3


Themed Attraction: Local Audio Playback (APP NO.046)

Compact audio system operating on a 12-24V DC power supply ideally suited for installation into tour guiding vehicles. The function panel input provides remote mic input with dedicated level control whilst the two line inputs can be use for Video and music player sources. The MA40 provides 40W Low-Z speaker output, which in this example are connected in series/parallel configuration to achieve maximum coverage.