Small Retail Store (APP NO. 004)

Arenas, Theatres & Live Sound

Regional Theater (APP NO.018v2.1)

16-Zone 100V/70V Line paging solution including networked digital paging microphones and integrat...

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Sports Stadium (APP NO.043)

16-Zone Stadium using two Z8MK4 mixers.The system has both high and low impedance amplification p...

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Stadium Hospitality Boxes (APP NO.053)

This centralised system provides 8-Zones with individual level and source and inputs including lo...

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Stadium Hospitality Boxes Distributed (APP NO.050)

The MA40T Mini Amplifier provides 40W of amplification into 70/100V constant voltage speaker circ...

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Bars and Pubs

2.5 Zone Pub Dinning Application (APP NO.031)

Simple 2.5 Zone Bar-Restaurant Application. The 36-50 Mixer Amplifier allows for Zone 1 to be mir...

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4-Zone Large Sports Bar (APP NO.010)

A Mixed 100V/70V Line and Low-impedance 4-Zone audio system with local zone source and volume con...

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Small Sports Bar (APP NO.009)

2-Zone music and paging system audio system comprising 2 sets of low-impedance loudspeakers with ...

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The Hardypick (APP NO.088)

The Hardypick is a traditional community public house/restaurant that’s part of the Hungry Hors...

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One More Zone (APP NO.052)

There are often circumstances where a client requires an additional zone to be added to a pre-exi...

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DCM1e with Audio Streaming (APP NO.040)

This system provides a simple solution for streaming audio from multiple media servers to any pag...

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High School Gymnasium (APP NO.037)

Multi-Zone audio system for music, teaching and events. The addition of the ME-1A, LE-1A and BE-1A...

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School Airnasium (APP NO.056)

Airnasiums, designed for basketball, street hockey or almost any sport or game are outdoor spaces...

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5-Zone Hotel/Suites (APP NO.003a)

Low-impedance audio system. Using 5 Zones of CXA6 for Low Level BGM Audio. 5 Seperate Zones/Suite...

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8 Zone Club Hotel (APP NO.060)

7 Zone Spaces + Ball Room using AUX 1 Output mirroring Zone 1. The Ball Room is an Active System....

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Hotel Spa (APP NO.030)

The Hotel Spa utilises the CAM16 Audio Distribution System in addition to the CAS16 Sub-Station t...

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Houses of Worship

H.O.W. (APP NO.011a)

A multi-zone low impedance audio system with three microphone inputs including automated Spot Ann...

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Small H.O.W (APP NO.011)

Call to Prayers - a 2-zone low impedeance audio system with dual microphone inputs and an au...

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Industrial & Security

Building Management with Message Announcement (APP NO.021)

The PM4/8-SA Muti-Zone Paging Microphones with MP3 Message Announcer can be used in conjunction w...

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Industrial Security Announcement (APP NO.022)

The PM4/8-SA Multi-Zone Paging Microphones with built-in MP3 Message Announcer can be used in conj...

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Medical Centre

Dentist Surgery (APP NO.039)

Complete audio system for background music and paging to any of seven treatment rooms and communa...

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Medical Centre (APP NO.019)

100V/70V Line audio system with Paging facility, background audio input and Patient Call input....

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3-Zone Resturant (APP NO.001)

A 100V/70V Line audio system with TV and Music inputs and a paging facility. Local control is pro...

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