Bars & Pubs

4-Zone Large Sports Bar (APP NO.010)

A Mixed 100V/70V Line and Low-impedance 4-Zone audio system with local zone source and volume control, plus general paging facility.

Products: VTX4120, CX462


2.5 Zone Pub Dinning Application (APP NO.031)

Simple 2.5 Zone Bar-Restaurant Application. The 36-50 Mixer Amplifier allows for Zone 1 to be mirrored as a Utility Output Zone (Zone 3) with 50w output per zone.  

Products: 36-50T


The Hardypick (APP NO.088)

The Hardypick is a traditional community public house/restaurant that’s part of the Hungry Horse Brand owned by the Greene King Group. They required a 4 Zone Paging System but with Zone 1 to have flexibility to be a Foreground PA Space during specialist live sporting events. They also wanted a Global IPAD controller for the various General Managers. The 46-120 also allowed the installer the flexibility to increase the power output for Zone 1 by using the AUX Output option plus the LM-2 Input plate for DJ’s, Live Bands, Quiz Nights & Karaoke. 

Small Sports Bar (APP NO.009)

2-Zone music and paging system audio system comprising 2 sets of low-impedance loudspeakers with passive subwoofers. Remote source and volume select per zone.

Products: VTX4240, CX263, PM4