The 1970's saw the emergence in the USA, the UK and subsequently worldwide, of the discotheque as a prime entertainment venue for a new, young generation, and of the creation of a new and major role of the DJ. Cloud Electronics was created during this period by founding partners Roy Millington and Andrew Colley, specifically to provide this dynamic and growing industry with its own purpose-designed, professional audio tools.

The usefulness, rugged longevity and sheer audio performance of these products led to increased sales, an unrivalled reputation and consequently over a number of years, to a much wider demand for Cloud's particular brand of "clearly better sound". Cloud steadily expanded its activities and product range worldwide, with extensive international distribution offering custom-designed solutions to the audio needs of many different styles of venue, from entertainment to retail to utility. Our equipment is to be found in over 100,000 commercial venues around the world, everywhere from ocean liners to houses of worship, from five-star hotels to Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as all along the high street in the outlets of the world's most well-known brands.

Since March 2008, following the retirement of its founders, the company has been under the ownership of its managing director, Simon Curtis. Times and needs change, and our product range has expanded in order to keep up with the market and ahead of our competition. But the ethos behind everything we do is the same as ever. Excellence, thoroughness and reliability. Cloud's success and unrivalled reputation are based on it. Our clients demand nothing less.

We are based in the city of Sheffield, England. All of our products are built by skilled and knowledgeable workers. This facility also houses our specialist in-house research and development team. Every design is unique to Cloud Electronics.